Photo credit:  John Dolan

Photo credit: John Dolan


About Virginia

I write fiction, essays, screenplays and plays. I’ve written a YA novel that travels through time and a play in which a mirror comes to life. My current novel follows a blue collar family in Richmond, Virginia, losing what they’ve always known, blurring the line between life’s inevitable realities and its familiar fictions.

I also work with other writers because I truly love it. I coordinate workshops, read and critique completed manuscripts, and work one-on-one, coaching writers through their projects, often from start to finish. You can get more information about how that works below.

And finally, I work as a bookseller in my tiny New England town – it gives me a chance to talk to other people who love books, love reading, and love writing. this work also gives me access to the books that come out every week, which can be overwhelming but makes me absurdly happy .

If you’d like to contact me about a project, workshop, or coaching, please email me here.